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About Us

Learning Opportunities, Inc. has proudly served schools for over 25 years. Today, we aim to provide our customers with high quality materials from thousands of publishers while continuing to provide high quality service.


Whether you are looking for the newest titles, custom collections, classroom libraries, leveled bookrooms and more, Learning Opportunities has you covered!

Who We Serve

No matter your size, Learning Opportunities can handle all your print and digital book needs with one-stop purchasing!

District Purchasing

We provide highly personalized services and partner with you to provide books and services for your district-wide projects and programs.

Print and Digital Materials
Summer School Programs
Language Support
After School Programs
Title I Programs
Parent and Family Resources

School Libraries

Fill your school libraries with the highest quality products to further enhance your students' education and desire to read.

Custom Collections
Shelf-Ready Processing
World Languages
Online Collection Analysis
Prebound Editions Made In-House


Our specialized services can help provide your classrooms with a diverse array of print and digital titles for readers of all ages and levels.

Supplemental Curriculum
Early Childhood
Class Sets
Leveled Collections
Striving Readers
EL, ELL & Dual Language Programs


Cataloging and Processing

Fully customizable cataloging and processing is available, and everything is completed in-house. Only high-quality labels and processing materials are used, and we offer many affordable options tailored to your budget.

Classroom and Levelled Reading

We understand the importance of having the right books for all your students. From early childhood libraries to leveled libraries, independent reading libraries to Spanish and bilingual titles, we can provide you with titles for all your readers.

Collection Development

No cookie cutter or automatic generated lists are used for your collections. Instead, Collection Development uses their extensive knowledge of books to curate a custom collection designed to fit your budget and readers' needs.

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Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm CST

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Fax:  (866) 200-5125, (833) 200-5635

Email:  cs@learning-opp.com

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